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Deze databasis kan zeer nuttig zijn voor Belgische FN verzamelaars.

Anthony Vanderlinden, NC - USA >>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Be part of the FN AUTOMOBILES WORLDWIDE DATABASE (Currently we have 7 cars!)

FN automobile owners are few and are usually scattered throughout the world. I have observed cars in different countries including New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, The Phillipines, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, USA, Spain, Argentina and Russia. Many owners have questions that nobody seems to be able to answer because there aren't any similar cars around for people to study.

I am therefore starting a worldwide database in order to get an idea of how many cars have survived. Anybody who participates and shares information will also get copies of the database once I have several entries. This may help put specific model owners in contact if they wish to do so. The owner' s personal information will not be shared!

Both private cars and cars in museums are welcome for the database. Museum curators also have a need for information and museum cars are therefore also included.

This is a list of questions for the database, not all need to be answered but the more information the better.

Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre automobiles

-Model: (As example: model 1300) -Year: (as example 1926) -Chassis number (optional): -Engine number (optional): -Ownership: private or museum -Condition: (Restored / un-restored excellent / needs restoration / beyond restoration) -Driving status: (As example: driven monthly) (or: static display but drives) -Body configuration: (as example: custom made by V&N) (or: FN body) -Doors: 2 or 4 or -Wheels: (as example; Wood spokes, metal spokes, solid metal) -Body colors: (as example: maroon and black as original) -Dealer information: Any information on the dealer where it was bought if known -Country located in: (as example Belgium) -Comments: (Anything special about your car) -Needed: (Anything you are missing, looking for, or just want information on -Your name and contact information: This is kept confidential and will only be past on with your permission only.

The information can be as long as you want and can be in various languages including: English, French, Dutch, Italian, German, and Spanish -- (For select South American owners, please write English or Spanish, I have no comprehension of Portuguese.) This is only the starting faze of the database, please be patient and you will get the updated database once we have at least 15 cars. Feel free to submit information on cars if you see them in a museum. Museum cars are also very important. Pictures: you are welcome to mail a picture of your car if you wish to do so.
I welcome all pictures. Requests will be posted on various internet sites. Please forward this if you know a FN automobile owner.

My contact information is below.

Thank you, Anthony Vanderlinden Browning Collectors Association, Secretary (FN database) 5603-B West Friendly Ave. Suite 166 Greensboro, NC 27410 USA Email: belgianpistol@worldnet.att.net Fax: + 336 275 0405